Traidhos Three-Generation
Barge Program

Bangkok - Thailand

Trip Reports.

Each year we welcome over 2,500 students and staff from schools worldwide.

2019 Trips

Bangkok Patana Year 6
Updated about 1 month ago

20-25 January, 28 January - 1 February, 2019


Like driftwood washed up on the beach, residential programs contribute to the change and growth in young people.

Y6 students from Bangkok Patana International School...

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St Andrews Samakee
Updated about 1 month ago

9-11 January 2019


After a long journey to Kanchanaburi, we arrived at the famous Bridge over the River Kwai for our first history lesson and some sketching of the bridge. After lunch we explored the Jeath Museum, and were lucky...

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Early Learning Centre, Year 1
Updated about 1 month ago

21, 22 and 23 January, 2019

Exploring the Chao Phraya

Having arrived early in order to prepare, (the deck was soon cleared, journals and pencils clipped together, life jackets laying in neat rows,) our barge team settled in for what we...

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St. Andrews International School 107, Y7
Updated about 1 month ago

8 - 11 January, 2019

An adventure in Chantaburi


Camping at Khao Kitchikut,

Having fun jungle cooking,

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Updated about 1 month ago

14 – 16, 16 – 18 January, 2019


On a morning reminiscent of 18th century London smog, Bangkok was barely visible as the barge team left early on Monday, happy to be leaving the city behind for the sands and sea of Chantaburi....

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ISB Girl Scouts
Updated about 1 month ago

Barge Trip

12-13 January, 2019

ISB Girl Scouts joined us for a weekend on the Barge. The girls were great to work with; they actively engaged in Barge Crews cooking yummy breakfast, lunch and dinners for the...

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Fernhill Canada, and St Andrews USA
Updated about 2 months ago

4 – 6 January 2019


Fernhill School (Canada) and St Andrew’s School (USA) joined the Barge team for a third successive year for a “Once in a lifetime” trip to Ayutthaya, Thailand. 

Day 1: After...

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