Traidhos Three-Generation
Barge Program

Bangkok - Thailand

Trip Reports.

Each year we welcome over 2,500 students and staff from schools worldwide.

2018 Trips

Australian International School Bangkok Updated about 1 week ago

November 5 – 7, 2018

Samut Songkram

Setting off on Monday morning and heading straight to the salt farm in Samut Songkram province south-west of Bangkok, our Year 5s and 6s were ready to learn about Thailand’s natural resources...

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English is Fun Updated about 3 weeks ago

21-23 October 2018
Khao Yai

Students from the English is Fun Group explored Khao Yai as nature detectives over three days, to discover what lived in the park. On the night drive they excitedly spotted guar and a nightjar, a palm civet and porcupines. On the...

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Cultural and Environmental trip to Thailand. 
14 – 18 October 2018

At 0900, Barge staff met the Grade 11 students St Joseph’s Institute International, Singapore at Suvarnabhumi airport for the start of their Challenge week in Thailand!...

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Early Learning Center (ELC) Y5+Y6 Updated about 1 month ago

3-5 October

Ayutthaya 3rd-5th October

ELC joined us for three days to discover the rich history of the Ayutthayan Kingdom, as well as how the Chao Phraya River influenced its success, and how we still use this river...

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Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia Year 9 Updated about 1 month ago

13 – 15 September 2018

Ko Kret and Ayutthaya

Being woken at 4am by the rather harsh cabin lights for a 6am arrival leaves most ready for an easy day of checking in and laying down, perhaps going out to explore at night. This was not the...

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Brighton International College, Year 6 Updated about 1 month ago

19 September 2018

Space Museum

Today students put their knowledge of the solar system to the test, revising all they had learned about the planets, moons, their orbits and their rotations, and how people have observed and used these bodies...

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13 September 2018


Old meets new at the Buffalo Village, Suphanburi with Byron House from Harrow School

Staff and students had the opportunity to discover old traditions and learn about how farming...

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Rising Star, China Updated about 3 months ago

20 July - 1 August 2018

Rising Star group quickly delved into Thai culture with a visit to the Grand Palace and then to learn local wisdom making herbal incense sticks. Their trip continued along the Chao Phraya River visiting Ko Kret potters, Pathum Thani fresh market...

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The Appleton School, UK Updated about 3 months ago

21-23 July 2018

Discovering the Chao Phraya and Ancient Ayutthaya

The Barge Program was very pleased to welcome  nineteen students and three teachers from the Appleton School, UK to join them on a trip on the Chao Phraya...

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Brighton College Year 9 and 10 Updated about 4 months ago

11 July, 2018

A great day with Brighton College Year 9 and 10 students was had at Queen Sirikit Snake Farm. The day involved students seeing a number of both poisonous and non-poisons snakes, with some students holding a yellow python and the whole group watching a...

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Samsen M2 English Program Updated about 4 months ago

7,8,14,15 July 2018


4 day trips

120 students

3 barge staff

1 barge boat with captain

2 crewmen


  1. Meet the group and travel  along northwards up the...

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Somerset College, Australia Updated about 4 months ago

1-3 July, 2018

Students from Somerset College, Australia came to visit Bangkok for 3 days at the end of a trip in Chiang Mai. They wanted to learn about Thailand’s history and diverse culture, so our first stop was Siam Niramit to watch the performance dances from...

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Brighton College Year 7 and Year 8 Updated about 4 months ago

July 2018

Brighton College Year 7 and Year 8 students had a great day trip exploring Dusit Zoo.

Discovering animal adaptations and searching for the rarest species as the zoo!

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Berkeley International School Updated about 4 months ago

30 June – 2 July, 2018

Exploring Chiang Mai

The Barge team met grade 8 students at the airport to set off on our adventure to Chiang Mai. The group spent their trip developing teamwork skills, gaining confidence and learning about their...

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Early Learning Centre, Bangkok Updated about 4 months ago

11-12 June 2018

Helping the elephants at Elephant world, Kanchanaburi

Students from ELC School in Bangkok came to visit us today to learn more about our wonderful species and give some of our older residents’ breakfast and some special...

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Bromsgrove International School Updated about 4 months ago

9-10 June 2018

Vegetation surveys and Pollution assessments at the Green Lung and Bang Pu

Aim – Comparing vegetation across two different areas of the Green Lung and completing a pollution survey at Bang Pu...

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Berkeley International School Grade 6 Updated about 4 months ago

28-2 June 2018

Discovering Kanchanaburi – Settlers stories

Today our school, Baan Lum Pueng School, was visited by a group of students from Berkeley International School, Bangkok. They had come to help make our school beautiful and were...

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Regents Pattaya, Year 5 Updated about 5 months ago

21-25 May

We  were on a mission to discover all about cavemen!

Creating cave artwork by mixing up mud, plants and stones, then painting onto the rocks with fingers,

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29-30 March 2018
Samut Songkram

Despite using salt every day in our cooking, many people know very little about the harvesting of this natural resource. Not so for the students from three Bangkok campuses from SISB who joined the Barge Program for a school...

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American School Bangkok, G5 Updated about 8 months ago

15 March 2018

Barge Trip

Ready to learn about life along the Chao Phraya River and how we as people affect the river, ASB started by observing all the activities happening across the river and on its banks. They realised that humans, birds,...

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Regents International School, Pattaya Y4 Updated about 8 months ago

5-7 March 2018

Khao Yai

Regents Pattaya Y4 went to Khao Yai National Park with Traidhos Three-Generation Barge Program in early March 2018. It was such a great trip with a lot of fun. The kids had boundless energy and were excited to see many...

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8-9 March, 2018


Students from SISB campuses around Bangkok joined the Traidhos Barge Program to experience Thai traditional lifestyles and to consider the impacts these practices have on the environment.


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St. Andrews Samakee Year 7-9 Updated about 8 months ago

26 February – 2 March, 2018

Chiang Mai- Exploring life in the North


Challenging our team building and communication skills

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KIS G4 Updated about 8 months ago

20 - 22 February 2018



Grade 4 History Hunters explore Ayutthaya,

Why was the Chao Phraya important, how has it changed?


Temple ruins, broken chedi’s, an elusive pair of...

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Rattanuri Mini English Program, Surin Updated about 8 months ago

M2, M3
Khao Yai

Language comes alive when it is used in context. For Mini English Program students from Surin, a trip to Khao Yai Forest with Traidhos Barge Program was a great way to use the vocabulary learnt from science books, in the real setting. As we...

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12-16 February 2018

Exploring Sukhothai

Students from Bromsgrove where whisked by the Barge Program back in time to the year 1239, the beginning of the Phra Ruang Dynasty, when Pho Kuhn Sri Indraditya fought the Khmer ruling the city, driving...

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Bromsgrove International School, Year 8 Updated about 8 months ago

12 – 16 February 2018

Exploring Chanthaburi : an interview

 How did the Chantaburi trip begin?

  • Our exciting first activity was to get onto a ferry across to Koh Manai.  Once there we...

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Summerhill Scout Association Updated about 9 months ago

3-9 February 2018

River and Khao Yai

We first spotted them at the airport - fourteen scouts proudly wearing their uniform complete with neckerchief. Together we embarked on an amazing journey, first along the Chao Phraya River and to Ayutthaya and Ko Kret and then to Khao Yai...

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Kanchanaburi for the week

Adventuring on longtail boats to find an amazing cave

Now it's time to feed and bathe the elephants 

Challenging ourselves everyday

Hellfire Pass we walk in baking hot sun

An understanding of times gone...

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Bangkok Patana Y6 Updated about 9 months ago

29 January - 2 February, 5-9 February, 2018


86 children
12 teachers
1 Nurse
1 Long empty beach
1 Forest set with tents
1 Mangrove...

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Brighton College Yr 7 and Yr 8 Updated about 8 months ago


22 – 26 January 2018

Daily highlights

  • Arriving in Khao Kitchikut, we were allocated tents on a beautiful site overlooking a lake with the waterfall we were going to see, visible on the...

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22 - 26 January 2018

Year 5 and 6 students joined the Barge Program team for a week to discover the importance of the Chao Phraya River in the history and development of Thailand as well as explore it's importance culturally and as a wildlife habitat.

Starting our journey...

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International School Bangkok, G5 Chantaburi Updated about 9 months ago

15-17, 17-19 January 2018

Welcome to Chantaburi, the province of fresh seafood and delicious Thai fruits. Let’s see what activities we did on these three-day trips!

Day 1: We stayed at Sand and Sea Resort which has a beautiful sea view and long beach that allowed us to...

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St Andrews 107 Y8 Updated about 10 months ago

10 - 13 January 2018

Exploring Sukhothai

Sleepy and tired as staff and students arrive at the airport for an early morning flight
Unlocking the history of...

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