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St Andrews International School, Year 9

26 October, 29 October, 5 November, 9 November 2015

St Andrew’s Year 9 students were welcomed onto the Barge for four single day trips focusing on carrying out science investigations of the water quality and river flow of the Chao Phraya River. Highlights for the students included creating their own model rivers out of sand to understand how water flows through different types of terrain and poking through dense water hyacinth plants to find small invertebrates to use as bio-indicators of the water quality and ecosystem health. Groups chose to model everything from cave systems to mountain ranges to study the physics of water flow and predicted which direction their model river would flow. Students also made predictions about the water quality and carried out a range of tests. Impressively a handful of students predicted the water quality outcome very accurately; however most students were surprised by their findings and together we made sense of them.

Overall, the trips were a great success which brought the Chao Phraya to life for the students and deepened their understanding through interesting science investigations and maths.

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