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British Overseas School, Karachi (November 2014)

After flying in to Phuket and then travelling for three hours in the minibus, the Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development hosted twenty-four GCSE and A-Level students who had flown all the way from Pakistan. The trip allowed them to discover, observe and study mangroves, sea grass beds, rocky shore and river estuary ecosystems. Having come from a completely different environment (Karachi is in the desert!), the students were highly enthused and very interactive learners.

Many different studies were performed to help assist with the learning as well as preparing the students for upcoming exams. Fieldwork studies included an insect biodiversity experiment using the Simpson’s Index of Diversity, population sampling of marsh crabs using the Lincoln Index and correlating the morphology of girdled horn snail shells to desiccation stress using Spearman’s rank correlation. Although it sounded daunting, we were all very impressed by the abundance of superb mathematicians we had in the group to help analyse the data.

The trip was a huge success and ended with some impromptu comedy sketches during closing. Lots of fun was had, and due to the monsoon weather and muddy mangrove environments, there was no escape for anyone wishing to keep their new trainers clean. Everyone got stuck in and the result was a wonderful trip with a much-improved knowledge of the different ecosystems, ecology, adaptations and conservation issues in and around Ranong.

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