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Bromsgrove Year 4 (November 2014)

Bromsgrove Year 4 trip to Khao Yai National Park

The trip started with a sighting of a herd of no fewer than twelve elephants, and continued with another sighting later that day when we saw a bull elephant on our chilly night safari. Even with our amazing elephant-related luck, nothing could excite Bromsgrove more than a samba deer stag who took a liking to the grass outside our accommodation.

The trip was a wonderful opportunity for all fourteen students to see many animals through our jungle trails, night safari and even while conducting activities back at our accommodation, as our sightings included barking deer, porcupines, civets and macaques.

As well as seeing some pretty great wildlife, students were also really keen to get involved in activities that explained topics such as carrying capacity of wildlife populations, habitat fragmentation, adaptations of nocturnal species, competition in the rainforest environment, and water quality testing by looking for and identifying macro-invertebrates in a very cold, but beautiful stream. Even the cold showers could not deter the group, with students awake and rearing to go way before wake-up time.

The enthusiasm continued throughout the three days and we look forward to seeing the students again for their Barge Trip next year when they reach Year Five!

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