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Charter International School, Year 6

27 - 29 May 2015

Students from Year 6 Charter International School took their very first land-based trip with the Barge Program to the Gulf of Thailand. The students were committed to learn about the marine environment and human impact while also considering the impact of global warming on communities.

Day 1 started with the vans transporting us to Sattahip Navy Base in Chonburi province - in particular the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre where the students spent an afternoon helping to feed many turtles. Most saw the sea turtle hatchings for the first time, as well as investigating many other marine creatures.

At the Navy Base the next day, we played ‘Kiwi Ball’, then we were ferried to Samae San Island to snorkel in the open-water, really observing what lives in the sea. We then cycled uphill to explore the mangrove on the other side of the island. Before dinner, we ran around playing the ‘Global Warming’ game, acting as greenhouse gases. Later we gathered again for the camp fire.

The last day of the trip found the students navigating a nearby community through each of the sustainability compass points. Many were able to make a connection on how fishermen's livelihoods impact on nature and community.

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