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2020 Trips

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Early Learning Centre (October 2014)

Ayutthaya (08 - 10 October 2014)

The team welcomed twenty students from the Early Learning Centre in Bangkok for a three-day land-based trip to Ayutthaya. The trip focused on the history of Ayutthaya. We visited a variety of museums including the Boat Museum, Gold Museum and the Ayutthaya Historical Study centre in order to learn more.

A range of temples and historical sites were also visited and students learnt about life in Ayutthaya around 300 years ago, as well as the violent sacking of the state by the Burmese in 1767. Illustrations of how humans can change land use over time were created, and Story Sticks were developed daily to show what the students thought about throughout their field trip.

The trip was a huge success and the feedback suggested all students, teachers and barge staff enjoyed the trip.

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