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2020 Trips

Updated about 4 years ago

Early Learning Centre Year 1

Year One January 19, 20 and 26

Year One from Early Learning Center Bangkok joined us for day trips on the barge and what a bundle of fun it was! Students focused on the topic ‘Nature in the City’, taking part in lots of varied activities, from listening to the river and creating a sound map, to playing River Bingo with all the different things they could spot along the river and its banks.

The activities that had the students laughing and bursting to answer questions included macro-invertebrates investigation and River Soup. The children and staff loved looking through the water hyacinth to search for macro-invertebrates, including water beetles, crabs and river shrimps. Students were amazed to see so many of the ‘green things’ they spotted floating on the water during River Bingo, were in fact home to a host of creatures! River Soup was also a favourite, with students offering many suggestions of what contributes to the water quality of the Chao Phraya, especially plastic bags, soap and oil. Students even suggested they could not drop any litter to help the Chao Phraya.

All in all it was a day full of energy and laughs; we can’t wait to have the third installment on 26 January next week!

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