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IES Khunming

11 – 12 July 2015

On 11 - 12 July 2015, our Barge Program had the chance to welcome IES Khunming, our good university friends who come every year, onto the barge for a two-day trip. We all had a good time: they enjoyed and learned many new things, and despite it being a very hot couple of days, everyone had enthusiasm to do every activity.

We started the trip at Piyawan Resort. The focus for the day was Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability Development, which we explored through a River Observation activity followed by other barge activities. Later on we had a chance to visit our old capital and several of the important historical places in Ayutthaya. Besides this, they participated in all of the barge crew activities including cooking, cleaning and navigation. On Sunday, they all enjoyed going shopping at Pathum Thani Market in the morning. In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed biking around Koh Kret and learning all the new daily life-styles that they had never met before.

Finally, at 1730, it was time to say goodbye to the group that then continued its adventure at the Royal River Hotel.

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