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ISB Grade 5 at Bang Pu (February 2013)

31 January - 5 February 2013

The Barge Program was very happy to welcome back the Grade 5 students and staff from ISB to take part in four separate day trips to the WWF Bang Pu mangrove reserve, just a stone’s throw from central Bangkok.

During each trip the students got the opportunity to explore a mangrove habitat first-hand and to learn how mangrove plants and animals have adapted to live in such a high saline environment. With board walks through the mangrove and a newly-installed canopy walkway and tower, the students really got to view and appreciate the mangrove forest on many different levels. During a bird watching session the students also got to view the diverse range of coastal and marine birds that use the site during their migratory season, and view some of the famous and little known mangrove species such as mudskipper fish, fiddler crabs and the mangrove slug.

We enjoyed four great days with good weather and some fantastic wildlife spotting opportunities. We look forward to welcoming the Grade 5 students from ISB to Bang Pu next academic year.

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