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Mentari, Indonesia Group A (November 2014)

An early weekend in November and Mentari have arrived in Thailand! Group A joined us straight from their plane to the barge to explore the Chao Praya and its importance to Thailand. Amongst the activities on the jam-packed three days were alms-giving at a local temple, investigating water hyacinth macro-invertebrates and their indication to water quality, teaching at a local Thai school and exploring Ko Kret.

It was wonderful to be part of the fun and laughs Mentari brought to activities. Students were especially great at using the Compass of Sustainability to evaluate the livelihoods and environment of the Mon community on Ko Kret. We are also pretty certain we witnessed some budding teachers at the Thai school, with Mentari pupils spreading lots of laughter and smiles when teaching games to local Thai students.

Even through the heaviest monsoon storm we have experienced this year (and a leaky bedroom) as well as a tight itinerary, the trip was full of jokes and great ideas about current environmental issues facing Thailand. We are excited to meet up with Group B later this week after their trip to Chiang Mai!

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