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2020 Trips

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Prem Tinsulanonda International School Grade 10

Prem International School Grade 10 joined the Barge Program on a trip to Samae San at the end of February. With five days to live together as a community, it was fantastic to see all Grade 10 students working together and creating memories for a lifetime. With graduation creeping closer, the trip was especially important for both classes to have an opportunity to work together.

Students especially enjoyed learning about turtle conservation efforts at the navy base, as well as a visit to a local Chinese temple which linked perfectly to many of the shrines students noticed when exploring a local fishing village. The fishing village itself was also an excellent opportunity to use the Compass of Sustainability to investigate how sustainable local fishing was.

We were also lucky enough to visit at the same time as the Thai Navy, with some students stepping forward to interview the navy and their involvements with local fishing communities. The highlight of the trip though, was a day spent on Samae San Island where students could snorkel amongst live coral and anemones. Four different species of clownfish were spotted, as well as other tropical fish like Parrot Wrasse.

It was great to share so many laughs with Grade 10 and we wish them all the best luck for graduation and beginning IB.

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