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2020 Trips

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Prem Tinsulanonda International School Grade 4

Sixteen young students from Prem’s fourth Grade
Came to the Barge to learn more about economy and trade.
The Chao Phraya River proved to be the ideal place
With so much to see that the students couldn't wait to embrace.
From busy market shopping for an array of breakfast savouries and sweets,
To comparing Ko Kret’s open farmland and its narrow streets.
Discussions about natural disasters and natural resources
Led to a better understanding of the island’s different income sources.
The group also simulated global trade through a variety of games,
We may have some dictators in the making but I won’t mention any names!
The final day saw us moving south in the direction of the open seas,
Where we saw evidence of trade with the French and Portuguese.
Huge container ships and foreign embassies,
Highlighted the relationships that Thailand has held for centuries.

The three day trip passed by with speed,
A brilliant few days we definitely all agreed.
Once again the Barge has done its job,
Now who’s going to volunteer to give the deck a good swab!?

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