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Rasami British International School, Year 6

21 - 22 May 2015

Year 6 joined us on the barge for the first time ever. After we introduced ourselves in a game involving animal charades - we had some great actors in this group - it was time to get familiar with the Chao Phraya. We all spotted a few new things while observing the river before trying to make our own watershed.

One of the favourite activities was definitely 'barge crews', with so many volunteers for cooking. Navigation came a close second with the chance to be up on the wheel house a big draw. High five to all our chefs on the trip as it was really yummy food, and there wasn’t a grain of rice left by the time the group had finished.

The afternoon contained the trip highlights – first was an examination of water hyacinth and a chance to get our hands dirty searching for macro-invertebrates before a refreshing jump into the river for swimming and canoeing. Once dry again, we had some land-based time, with a game of football with some crazy teams. Our evening was great fun, with another professionally cooked meal that was gobbled-up, before a challenge to decide which resources we should save as most of them had been lost while crossing the river on stepping-stones. We finished off the night with some stargazing and the story of Orion, before the exhausted Year 6s went down for bed.

Our final day on the barge passed by so quickly. After an early start we had a huge spread from the market for breakfast, and we all got to try something new. Water quality testing was another highlight, with groups deciding the river was only of average quality. A quick lunch and it was our final activity of the trip and a chance to use our imaginations to create everything from theme parks to castles, and then think how they interact with the river.

It was a really awesome trip and we really enjoyed learning with Year 6. Hope to see you again soon!

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