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Regent’s Bangkok Year 4

Trip to Khao Yai National Park 21 - 23 January 2015

Regent’s Bangkok Year 4s explored Khao Yai National Park this week, focussing on Habitats and Adaptations. The jam-packed three days involved many games including Oh Deer, Kiwi Ball and Habitat Crunch to introduce how habitats can shrink and split over time and what this means to ecosystems as a whole.

As well as learning through games, we got creative with environmental art and also burned-off steam on three trails: two in the forest and one across Khao Yai’s grasslands. Students were excellent detectives on our trails, especially excellent at spotting scat and poking it about! In fact, Year 4 showed no hesitation on picking up handfuls of leaf litter to sniff, or peering over fungi-encrusted logs, or leaping over muddy streams or sitting and taking time by Kong Kaew waterfall and writing poetry. They got stuck in whatever we threw at them!

Of all the many activities, students were especially responsive to our long hike through the forest (eagerly searching for ‘Craig’s favourite tree’ - a big buttress tree) and also an evening Forest Fashion Show. Here, students played fashion designers, dressing one person in their group up as a plant with some form of adaptation and strutting their stuff down the catwalk to many giggles and rounds of applause!

Our three days with Regent’s Bangkok Year 4 may have sped by in a blur, but has been a memorable trip with a class full of fantastic characters.

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