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2020 Trips

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Sirindhorn School

A Personal Reflection by Stan
Sirindhorn School, Surin M1, 8 - 12 March

I have worked at the Barge Program for eight years now. I have been on hundreds of trips, but it was a recent one to Khao Yai with Sirindhorn students from Surin that really moved me.

The Mattayom 1 students from the English Program worked with us in the forest learning English through the environment. I was so impressed with their willingness to participate, to try and understand and respond, to have fun and to help each other, and to make the most of the opportunity.

As a second language learner, I know how it feels when you are surrounded by the lesser-known language, and you often shut down in order to take it all in and process the words around you. It is very easy to become comfortable just listening, and not taking part in conversation or discussion.

The Sirindhorn students did not let themselves fall into this safe zone: they stepped up and listened for key words and did their very best to make sense of what was happening. The group had an amazing three days with each other and with our staff, so much so that they sang for us during our farewell at the Khao Yai gate. I was so moved by this!


To see how a short time together can have such a impact on people, bringing them to tears at the connections and progress they have made. I am very much looking forward to seeing this group again as Mattayom 2 students in Samae San!

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