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St Andrews 107 Years 8 and 9 (March 2013)

St Andrews 107 International School

Exploring Ancient Thailand 4 – 8 March 2013

Under the shadow of an ancient temple, barge staff and students from Years 8 and 9 of St Andrews 107 International School in Bangkok got to know each other through icebreakers and name games, preparing for a week of exploring the ancient province of Sukhothai and learning about Thai history.

The highlight of the week for the students was staying with host families for a night, and spending the morning learning the traditional village crafts that had persisted there for centuries. This gave the students a real feel for how different their lives in Bangkok are from these villages in central Thailand.

By the end of the week, new friendships had been made, challenges had been met and overcome, the students had gained a new appreciation about the history of Thailand, and many new places and activities had been experienced. The barge staff thoroughly enjoyed working with St Andrews 107, and we hope to accompany them on more trips in the future!

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