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Stamford American Grade 5 in Chiang Mai (March 2013)

Stamford American International School

Chiang Mai Trip (18 – 22 March)

The second last week in March this year saw the Barge Program welcoming Stamford American International School, Singapore, to a voyage with us. This school had not previously been on a trip with the Barge Program, so our staff members were keen to demonstrate to the students and teachers the benefits of taking a field trip with the Barge Program, showing them all the highlights of a journey to the beautiful province of Chiang Mai.

The PYP focus for this trip was a little different from many Chiang Mai trips, as we were looking at how organisations involve and help the local communities in northern Thailand. We considered the role of National Parks and Royal Projects in protecting the environment and looking after communities while visiting Doi Inthanon. Shopping at the famous Chiang Mai night bazaar was fun as was dinner at Pizza Hut. We had the opportunity to visit a state-run orphanage and learn how they help orphans in the local community. A high point for the students was meeting the orphans and having some time to play together. Other organisations the students visited included the Royal Prosthetics Foundation and the Chiang Mai universities reforestation project: FORRU.

A real high point for the students and teachers was a full day spent on the Traidhos farm. Students loved jungle cooking (working collaboratively using ingredients grown on the farm and traditional cooking methods). The students also learn about EM (effective microorganisms) and how they are grown and used on the farm, plus the opportunity to milk the farm’s very own herd of dairy goats and learn about organic farming standards and methods.

We look forward to working with the students and teachers from Stamford American International School, Singapore, in the future.

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