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University of Minnesota: Thai Culture

29 – 31 December 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed having the University of Minnesota on board at the end of December. It was an excellent way to end the year. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and exposing the students to Thai culture.

Our first stop was at Ko Kret, where the students had an opportunity to engage with people who can trace their lineage to the Mon people who sought refuge on Ko Kret in the 1700s, to understand their way of life on the island as potters.

After introducing students to some basic Thai language, they tried shopping for food at the local market with great enthusiasm. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to discover Thailand from a practical point of view, and was a real hit for the students and staff.

With many keen bird watchers on board, we journeyed up a unique section of the Chao Phraya - Klong Mae Nora and Mae Nam Noi - with our binoculars to see what we could find. We also enjoyed swimming in the river and discovering the benefits of mud masks.

The students discovered a brief history of Thailand which included a trip to Ayutthaya exploring the historical ruins.

Thank you for a wonderful trip we wish the students all the best as they move onto Kaeng Krachan National Park to continue their stay in Thailand monitoring tigers with forest rangers and researchers.

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