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Year Nine Headstart - Kanchanaburi

17 - 20 February 2015

Local historians in Kanchanaburi have discovered evidence of activity from teenagers in the province, dating from February 2015. The students appear to have come from Headstart School, Phuket, leaving with them a trail of memories and evidence discovered this week by locals in the area.

It appears the vocal group of eight had a highly interesting time during their mid-term break, re-tracing the footsteps of Prisoners of War who were forced to create the infamous Thai-Burma Railway. Historians can only assume students were intrigued by the lives of these Prisoners of War, visiting sites of significance like the bridge on the River Kwai, where sketches by students were discovered. It is believed these helped students to understand the need for secrecy when documenting the horrors of the railway's construction. Other artefacts which have shown evidence of the group include the Death Railway Museum, Hellfire Pass and Museum, a Prisoner of War Cemetery and even the train itself where they would have spent time reflecting whilst experiencing a riding on the tracks that thousands of Romusha and Prisoners of War created during 1942-1943.

As well as a desire to learn more about the history of the area, it has been discovered that students also worked together to complete team games with an aim to build upon their communication and cooperation skills. With all this evidence in mind, it is safe to assume that the Year 9 students from Headstart International School had a thought provoking and fun time.

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