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2020 Trips

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Bromsgrove Chiang Mai Trip

17 - 20 November

We have just enjoyed four wonderful days exploring northern cultures and lifestyles with Year 6 from Bromsgrove International School, with beautiful views from the top of Doi Inthanon and a chance to stay in the homes of Karen villagers. We learnt about traditional rice farming methods, explored streams and waterfalls along with many more exciting activitiesใ

The students had bundles of energy as we started the week of at the Three-Generation Farm, having a go at planting, harvesting and processing rice. After a quick swim we were off to the Khantoke dinner where, after a tasty communal meal served in a traditional Northern Style, the students sat in awe of the dancers fire-breathing. This was certainly a busy start to a great week.

One highlight of the trip was our hike though the rainforest to the homes of Karen Hill tribe. In small groups we stayed a night in villagers’ homes and braved the freezing showers. During our stay in the village we had a chance to visit the local school and the Bromsgrove children presented donations to the village school along with some lovely thank you cards. The donations were greatly appreciated and we even joined the school children for their morning activities.

During the trip the Barge staff were impressed at how helpful the students were towards each other, and by the end of the week everybody came together as a team to prepare and cook a last lunch during Jungle cooking.

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