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Each year we welcome over 2,500 students and staff from schools worldwide.

2020 Trips

Updated about 4 years ago

Bromsgrove Year 5 Barge trip

Bromsgrove on the barge: A brilliantly blazon, brave bunch of bodies, busily bustling on the barge and basking on the brackish, bucolic, breezeless brook

Arduous, ardent and animated, the apprentice aquanauts arrived in Ayutthaya to analyse its antiquity and ascertain its attractiveness

Roasting, red, radiant rays rained down, and rather than roam restlessly, we regularly relied on recovering in the relief of reaching the river

Great gusto was garnered when we grasped and gathered goods and glibly glided on the gargantuan gondola, guesstimating going gulf-wards

Enlightened and excited, the ex-novices embarked expertly to expectant elders, every one entertained and educated on the environment. Excellent!

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