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Bromsgrove Year 7 to Khao Yai

30 November - 03 December 2015

“Next on National Geographic we have a never-before seen nature documentary about a group of Year 7 students from Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok coming to terms with the wildlife in Khao Yai National Park. Sit tight, get comfy and be prepared for a wild ride for this fascinating insight into their discovery and an adventure they will never forget!”

[Spoken in a whispered tone] “Fantastic of you to join us this week and apologies for my whispered tone, but we mustn’t startle these students. As you can see just fifty metres over my right shoulder they are feasting on what appears to be their first-ever meal and they are completely devouring it. You would think that they had never eaten before!

“Oh my gosh! A rather young male Sambar deer has joined the startled students and appears to be eating their sparse leftovers from the bin! The students are mesmerised and incredibly cautious. And rightly so with those mighty antlers! The deer is encouraged away and the students are now gathering into two teams to participate into a team building exercise called Matrix.  It seems as though the team that is the most successful is one that can communicate most clearly and concisely. It is clear to see that this game requires patience, effective communication and resilience.

“With the group now well-established with one another we move on to a new day. And with the rising sun we are greeted with the news from our expert tracker that she has seen the Bromsgrove group attempting the eight-kilometre hike from the Visitors’ Centre to Haew Sewat Waterfall. Surely this cannot be right? Will they survive? Do they have enough food to last the five hours? Do they have the correct clothing? Find out after this short break.

“Welcome back my good friends and thanks for joining us. Before the break we had just discovered that our intrepid Year 7 explorers from Bromsgrove were halfway round the eight-kilometre hike deep within the Khao Yai National Park. Our trackers had spotted the first of three groups at dawn and we are with one of them now.”

“Hi Alice.  How is the group getting on?”

“Hi John.  As you can see behind me the students are asking their ranger questions about the species of mushrooms within the forest. Let’s hope they don’t get too close to some of the nasty fellows here, but it is encouraging seeing them developing their understanding about the forest and taking charge of their own learning and discovery. Those who speak Thai are translating incredibly effectively and all groups have formed a strong bond and will no doubt complete this trek with big smiles on their faces.”

“Thank you Alice, we will track the group into this evening as they camp and cook for themselves and we too will find a safe place to observe their behaviour. See you all soon.”

“Wow, what an incredible night! Hello all and welcome to the final section of this film about the Bromsgrove Year 7 adventure into the Khao Yai National Park. So far we have managed to catch on film this group working effectively within a team and leading their own learning and last night was no different. Whilst the students were planning and cooking their dishes for the masterchef competition, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and lit up the night sky. Luckily the evening stayed dry but this forced the students to seek shelter under a nearby Sala. Quick decision-making by the teams, effective communication and listening meant that all dishes were presented to the judges on time and a winner was crowned with cooking the tastiest meal.”

“We are also very privileged to be joined by survival expert Dave Mountjack from Alaska. Hi Dave.”

“Hi John.”

“How did the group do last night and into today?”

“Exceptionally well John.  Every group managed to cook an incredible breakfast and packed up their tents on their own - a very tricky task considering the tents were wet and incredibly large. It was also lovely to see those groups that finished first helping others and everyone working together to get the job done.”

“Thanks Dave. As we come to the end of our film it has been encouraging to see this group of year 7s that were taken out of their comfort zone and away from their electronics, discovering the value of working within a team and improving their ability to work with others: a skill that will prove invaluable as they move into the future. It is my hope that we will be lucky enough to see a group like this here again as they have demonstrated every aspect of how a group should behave here within Khao Yai National Park. Thank you viewer for joining us and I hope you can join us again soon.”

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