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2020 Trips

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Bromsgrove Year 8 Chanthaburi

Every year, we take groups of Bromsgrove students around the country on their pre-new year break trip. We usually do the same activities, in approximately the same places, but this year the focus was on team building and exploration. To give the Year 8s the chance to develop outside of the city, we took them down to Chanthaburi to explore the mangroves and forests of the South East.

Our trip began in the mountains of Khao Kitchikut, where we cooked for ourselves on camp stoves and camped by a forest lake. The stars that night were incredible, so we did some informal stargazing after dinner. The next day was a big one, as we were taking the students on a ten-kilometre hike, giving them responsibility to deal with sun-exposed fields, tangled forest and even a deep river crossing. A dip in the pool and a campfire with marshmallows was a nice end to a big busy day.

The next two days were spent down on the coast, where we battled with mosquitos and thunderstorms. We took a walk through one of the few mangrove forests left, and got to kayak through some of the deeper bits, and finally out into Kung Krabane bay. We ended on a high note, snorkelling on a coral reef just off Koh Menai island, and with that, we headed back off to Bromsgrove.

A great exploration trip with a lively group of students! Thank you Bromsgrove, hopefully we will see you all again!

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