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Early Learning Centre Grade 6

09 - 11 December 2015

ELC embarked on their Northern adventure in the early hours of the morning, with the sleepy sun rising over the Bangkok skyline as they travelled to the airport. Full of excitement and anticipation, they boarded the plane. The adventure had begun!

Upon arrival, ELC wasted no time getting stuck into activities. First, jungle cooking was on the agenda. Using only basic tools, traditional Thai BBQs, and fresh ingredients gathered from Traidhos’ on-site farm, the children worked together to prepare and cook their delicious lunch. On the menu was juicy barbequed pork, succulent chicken kebabs, delicious roasted vegetables, tangy salsa, crunchy sweet corn and spicy green chilli dip … a feast fit for royalty!

With smiling faces and satisfied bellies, the students were energised and ready for their next task: EM (Effective Organism) soap making. What on earth is this, you ask? Well, ELC students learnt all about its process through practical activities, making their own soap using only natural ingredients and using good bacteria harvested on the farm.

An evening of relaxation, swimming and games rounded off a busy and productive day.

The next day, children arose early to make their way to Doi Inthanon National Park to explore the Karen village and make comparisons between tribe and city life. Our friendly Karen guide showed us various places in the village. First and foremost - the coffee shop. The smell of steaming hot coffee brought smiles and even cries of joy from the tired and wilting teachers. While the teachers had their gratefully received caffeine fix, the children had the opportunity to show their skills at grinding and preparing coffee.

The strawberry picking in the Karen village was a firm favourite for many of the students, who eagerly searched the fields for sweet, divine strawberries to snack on at lunch. Students also had the opportunity to gain a deeper understand of Karen village life through exploration of traditional Karen style homes and the local fishing nursery.

Day Two was rounded off by a BBQ dinner and campfire, with songs and dances and of course, melted marshmallows! Delicious!

The final day of ELC’s adventure was spent exploring the Elephant Nature Park and Elephant PooPoo Paper Park. Students were guided around the Nature Park as the orphaned, injured or retired elephants roamed freely in the vast open spaces of the nature park. Many valuable lessons were learnt about the cruel lives many unfortunate elephants experience while living in captivity, and about the wonderful work done by places like the Nature Park to rehabilitate these rescued elephants.

Next it was on to the Elephant Poopoo Paper Park.  What on earth is this you say? A fascinating experience, where students get their hands stuck in (quite literally) to producing paper from elephant dung. The different stages were clearly explained by a very knowledgeable guide, who also shared astonishing facts, including that elephants produce 200-250 kg of poo a day! That’s an average of eight ELC students! Who knew there was so much to know about elephant poo!

After getting crafty at the Poopoo Paper Park, designing their own cards for family and friends back in Bangkok, the children were whisked off to Chiang Mai airport, where their adventure ended. Tired eyes and sleepy heads touched down at Bangkok, and the students made their way back to school, ready to tell their excited families and friends about all the worthwhile experiences had, and important skills gained, on their Chiang Mai adventure.

Thank You ELC for yet another wonderful trip! Same time next year?

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