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Sattahip- ELC Year 5/6

15 – 17 September 2015

I heard these kids from ELC

Some tall, some small, some looked like me.

They came to learn about my home,

The jungle of the ocean, polluted now by Styrofoam,

Not by you, your neighbours or your friends

But those unawares of its ends.


I know the mangrove’s rather smelly,

That’s not me, it’s Dave- he’s watching telly!

I love it here and share it with a few,

Fiddler crabs, herons, and some sneaky snakes

That if you’re not careful could end upon your plates,

As a starter, main or after eight.


Because surely even now you see,

It is not just the shrimp industry,

Destroying a precious nursery,

Oh no! That is just the start,

But with a helping hand and change of heart,

You will begin to see diversity!!


From recycling your waste and reducing your plastic

Just little changes, nothing too drastic,

Will help this most endangered habitat to survive,

Allowing threatened species to thrive.


So let’s give thanks to those volunteers,

Those muddy researchers who spill their tears

Saving healthy mangroves for years and years:

Without them our coastlines will surely suffer,

As the mangrove trees do more than buffer,

Storing carbon, providing shelter, even building new land,

When you are ill, even giving you a helping hand.


So as I have said before, the time is now,

So do not snore,

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before,

Recycle this and don’t use that,

Save the sweaty mangrove rat,

But if that doesn’t work think of what you know,

Remember the plight of poor Nemo:

Without mangroves, corals would not be,

Marlon would still be searching with Dory.


So if not for the reasons stated above,

Have a think about the species you love,

They all rely on one another

Even on you, so have a think,

The loss of a weird crab on the brink,

May not even make you blink,

But please remember and keep in mind:


It will just be us who is left behind.

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