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2021 Trips

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St Andrews 107, Grade 7, 11-15 January. Exploring Chanthaburi!

Barge staff met the eager St. Andrews students bright and early on Monday morning and wasted no time in beginning our exciting journey to Chanthaburi. We set off on the coaches, with great anticipation and excitement for the week ahead!

Our trip started with a bang as we headed straight for the diving boat, which took us out to a snorkelling sight, where we saw colourful coral reefs and Nemos (clown fish)! The students emerged from the water smiling ear to ear! It was wonderful to see all the children challenge themselves to try a new experience, as for some this was the first time they had ever been in the sea!

Following this adventure, we wasted no time moving on the next...the turtle sanctuary! Here, we learnt new facts about the challenges turtles face in survival and reproduction. We were able to see various species of different ages, including the Leather-Back turtles, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley and Green turtles.

Day two involved an informative exploration through the mangroves, where children had opportunities to look for mudskippers, fiddler crabs and mangrove snakes! We also discussed the importance of mangroves to the environment and how humans rely on them.

Afterwards, we jumped into kayaks to journey further into the mangroves. Children developed their skills in the kayaks and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Day three was spent exploring the local fishing village and interviewing the fisherman to discover the sustainability of their fishing practices. Interestingly, we learnt about their active involvement in fixing the corals near by. The afternoon was spent at the local aquarium, learning about the adaptations of various fish species. The day ended with shark feeding at the fishing nursery, which was enjoyed by all the children!

Our last full day of fun activities was spent at the Chanthaburimuseum, developing our knowledge of the local history, climbing the life size model of an old sailing ship and imagining ourselves to be hearty sailors among the choppy seas, trading our jewels, cloth and food!

The students all enhanced their knowledge of mangroves, fishing practices and local history, whilst developing skills in kayaking, snorkelling and independence. It was a very successful trips with lots of happy, smiling children returned to their families on Friday!

Well done St Andrews, and thank you for a wonderful week!

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