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Bangkok Patana Y6

25-29 January 2016

01-05 February 2016

Bangkok Patana Students headed to Chanthaburi for their annual residential to consider human impacts on beach, ocean, mangrove and forest habitats. Students enjoyed time on the beach along with camping in the forest and cooking over charcoal fires, interviews with fishermen, kayaking through and observing the mangrove forest and learning through environmental games.

Throughout the week, students were given time to be still and quiet to become more aware of their environment and themselves. After one such time, student Reinhardt responded with these notes:

God’s Paradise

Lakes flowing from a waterfall.

A choir of birds, grasshoppers,

Singing, flying and chirping,

A serenade of the gods.

The smell of flowers - their fragrance brings peace to the world.

I feel calm, untouched.

Loved from the heavens.


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