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Appleby College, Canada, Grade 9

12 – 14 March, 2016

Introduction to Thailand

This three day barge trip worked perfectly as an introduction to Thai culture and history for Appleby College students, who are spending two weeks exploring Thailand.

Here is an extract from a piece of creative writing, written while exploring the history of Ayutthaya at the beautiful Wat Chi Wattanaram temple ruins.

My mother and I sat quietly on the boat, listening to the cries and weeps of the surrounding people. I felt my face burning, my eyes watery from the smoke and fire. Then I noticed, I noticed I was crying. The scenes of the soldiers marching passed our streets and the burning royal temples reminded me of the cruel reality of our future. Family, friends, relatives and neighbours…what would become of them? The sidewalks that we used to roam, and the calm prayers that we used to practice… it is all taken. Gone. When I finally came back to my senses, I heard a piercing screams also around me. The Burmese soldiers approached rapidly. I closed my eyes, took a breath and said good bye to Ayutthaya forever.

Shelly, Grade 9, Appleby College.

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