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Sirindhorn, Surin M2, 21-23 March 2016

Exploring Samae San

Day 1: Fish and Turtles.

After arriving bright and early at the Navy Base camp and getting to know the staff, the M2 students had the opportunity to visit the on-site sea turtle conservation area. Not only did this allow the children to learn more about sea turtles and their conservation but the children were also encouraged to practice and use their English when preparing and asking questions about the work the Navy carried out. This was followed by a trip to a local Percula Farm where the students learnt about and discussed in English the adaptations of the aquarium fish.

Day 2: Samae San Island

Day two begun with a trip to Samae San Island and once on the island a busy fun-filled day was had by all with all the students having the opportunity to cycle to the mangroves and learn about the important role of these trees before heading off to snorkel amongst the marine life that surrounds Samae San Island. As well as being physically active throughout the day the children had multiple opportunities to use and improve their English whilst learning and discussing about the ecosystem of this beautiful island.

Day 3: Impacts on the ocean

On the final day of the trip M2 learnt about sustainability using their sustainability compass as they explored a local fishing village and spoke to those that lived and worked within the fishing community. The afternoon was then spent exploring the Thai Natural History Museum before sharing the amazing facts in English that they had each learnt during their time at the museum and reflecting on their time during the entire trip in English with their groups.

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