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St Andrew’s Samakee Year 3

21 – 22 January 2016

The students from year 3 came on board the barge keen to learn all about the Chao Praya River. They created their very own watershed along the deck of the barge show how the Chao Praya follows all through Thailand. They really enjoyed the river observations and asked lots of questions about life along the river.

In the afternoon they were able to swim in the waters of the river, which was a first for all of them. Many students were very excited to be able to sleep on the barge with their friends but after a busy day it was not long before they were all fast asleep.

On the second day the class drew pictures of what they would like to see along the river if they had twenty-five  million baht. They drew car factories, waterslides and huge hotels that looked like castles. However they quickly found out what all these things can do to the river and how dirty it can get.

Later, before they headed home, everyone listened to the story of the boy and the giving river. Many of the students felt sad for the river and angry with boy as there was nothing left in the river.

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