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Stamford American International School, Singapore Grade 5

29 February - 4 March, 7 - 11 March 2016

Community Service in Chiang Mai

Stamford American International School Singapore sent their Grade 5 students, over two weeks, to work with Barge Program exploring Chiang Mai. A significant part of our trips was the community service and exploration days. All the groups lent a helping hand at Baan Huay Nam Lin orphanage to create a tyre garden and play ground. Over six days of visiting we painted tyres, dug the play area, put together obstacle play equipment and constructed a garden. The Stamford students also made donations of clothes and toys to the orphanage. Our efforts helped to make this children's home a brighter, more fun place to live together.

Our day also included a visit to the Prosthesis Foundation. Here, students donated ring pulls that they had been collecting. These donations help to fund the work of the centre in providing prosthetic legs for patients. We also went up Doi Suthep mountain to the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU), where we thought about the importance of restoring forest areas. Each trip participant contributed to this project, which has a strong emphasis on community involvement, by planting a seedling ready for the big planting day in June. We finished our day of 'community' by paying our respects at Doi Suthep temple, and seeing the importance of Buddhism in Thai communities.

Barge Program extends a huge thanks to the Grade 5 students of Stamford for their thoughtful efforts in connecting to community!

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