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2021 Trips

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Ruamrudee International School Year 5

28, 29, 30 March

As soon as Ruamrudee students were on board the barge they were keen to learn about the Chao Praya River. Their task for the day was to test the water quality of the Chao Phraya. They used observation of the colour of the water to predict that it would be very dirty and polluted.

First students tested for the amount of nitrates and phosphates. The results were not very good as there were high amounts of both of these in the water. Then they tested the turbidity, temperature, pH and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.  Again the results were not very good because the turbidity was very high, the water was acidic and the temperature was high too. However the result for the dissolved oxygen was good but the students surmised this was because of the number of boats churning up the river so mixing in the oxygen. So far their prediction was correct.

The next task was to test the water quality index with the help of Water Hyacinth. By learning the story of Water Hyacinth and investigating its roots, leaves and stems they were surprised to see so much life coming from the river. They found Saucer Bugs, Mayfly Nymphs and many other creatures they had never seen before. From all of this they discovered that because some of these macro invertebrates such as Saucer Bugs cannot live in dirty water, that the water quality index of the Chao Praya River was not poor but only average.

They concluded that if we continue to pollute the river with more waste water, there will be less animals living in and around the river in the future.

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