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Regents Pattaya Year 6 Kanchanaburi

3-5 May, 2016

Last time Regents Pattaya came on a trip with the Barge Program, it was up to Chiang Mai to explore the mountains and damp forests of the north. This time, the situation is a little different. As the school buses roll into the dusty car park, the temperature is touching 40 degrees Celsius  and most of the locals have taken refuge under cover or near air conditioning. But Regents Pattaya has things to do!

We're here to learn about World War II, and in Thailand there's no better place to go than Kanchanaburi. We start our trip at the famous bridge on the River Kwae, sketching and learning about the bombing raids which destroyed it. And we're in luck! Just as we're leaving a passenger train rumbles across the bridge, so we stand and watch it chug its way into the pass. Our good luck holds until the end of the next day, where after visiting Railway museums, POW graveyards and outdoor learning about WWII events, we are caught in a rainstorm at Hellfire Pass. Every cloud has a silver lining, and after the rain the air is clearer and cooler for our walk through the pass itself. That evening finishes with a genuinely remarkable campfire in the woods near the resort, and then it's back to the rooms and some well-earned rest.

One last morning of team building games, lunch by the river, a round of pictures, an emotional goodbye and Regents Pattaya are away back home again. Another fun trip with a great group of kids! Thanks guys, see you again next year.

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