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Hua Hin International School

25-27 May, 2016


Hua Hin International School invited year 5, year 6, and year 7 students to explore Kanchanaburi province, during their school’s inaugural residential trip. The group were especially moved by visiting Hellfire Pass Memorial, where they wrote poetry. Some students share their work below:

Reality is the most important thing
And learning is important
I like Hellfire Pass
Life is something you can’t forget
We are respectful
And we don’t want war
Years passed by



People have been killed
Japanese people are bad
Prisoners are dead



Healing for me
Evil Japanese
Lying to us
Lost the war
Fire at night
I need water and food
Ruthless small tools
Enormous time and months to build

Winning the war
Army attacking
Running away



The sun rises over the jungle
Another day begun
The morning breakfast burns our day
Grabbing my axe
I am feeling my heart wash out
No time to talk to friends
The end of the day lungs decay
Torture for all
All the soldiers beg for freedom



Hellfire Pass was a horrible place
It was torturing for the whole human race
So many men died
They hated the Japanese because they lied
The sun so hot
It could make their hearts rot
Twenty months is how long it took
So many people’s hears this must have shook
Hard bamboo that had to cut through
All they could eat was stew
I know that life was not that great
The prisoners were like a shark’s human bait
Their family is what kept them fighting
The Japanese really did the wrong thing.


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