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2021 Trips

Updated about 4 years ago

Traidhos Chiang Mai Staff Experience the Barge Program

There was a sense of excitement as a group of housekeepers, gardeners, maintenance and grounds workers, Teaching Assistants and administrative staff headed to the train station that began the adventure first to Ayutthaya and then over the three days of the trip, to Bangkok. For some, the opportunity to live on Traidhos Barge was the first time for them to see the Chao Phraya River and the stories that it has witnessed.

There was time to relax and watch the river go by, to be tourists at famous temples, historical sites and markets and time to reflect on aspects of teamwork and how the fun and games during the trip might help to develop the feeling of corporate collaboration back in the workplace.

Traidhos barge staff were delighted to get to know their Chiang Mai colleagues more and to share the unique opportunities of a trip on the barge.



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