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Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School

11 October 2016

Bangkok International Preparatory School and Traidhos Barge Program travelled to the grounds of Piyawan Resort, Pathum Thani, for a day of Chao Phraya discovery this week.  The aim was to understand the importance of the river and extend their in-class learning the river, by taking part in some practical activities.

The grounds are situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya, so we were able to undertake testing of the water quality through macro-invertebrate surveys.

The rest of the morning was spent learning about the past of the river and how it looked in history, and observing it, to see how and why it has changed.  The children were surprised to find out that it had undergone such dramatic changes, and that certain pollutants had longer lasting effects than the number of years they had been alive for.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a game we call Watershed Puzzle, which is a really effective way of helping the children visualize the changes to water quality that can occur through the decisions we make.

The Y5 children learnt so much and were continuously surprised by the information they realised.  They loved getting involved with scientific testing and connecting it with creative thinking.  A day well spent all round!

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