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St Andrews Samakee, Year 6 Ko Kret

22 September, 2016

The trip to Ko Kret with St Andrews Samakee was new for both Barge staff and students. The focus was the history of Ancient Greek pottery, and given that Ko Kret boasts a huge range of artisanal Mon potteries, there was no better place in Thailand to offer a connection between Barge style outdoor education and Greek pottery.

We were supposed to guide seventeen students around Ko Kret Island, but due to recent flooding our number was reduced to fifteen. This afforded us the opportunity to guide intimate groups around the island and explain the interesting similarities and differences between Ko Kret and Greek potteries.

Up first on our tour of ‘creative ways to connect the islands main export (pottery) and Ancient Greece’ was the Kwan Aman Pottery Museum.  Here the students were shown multiple images of traditional Greek pottery and through group discussion the main points of style were determined. Using this new knowledge they then went around the museum and identified the differences between Mon and Greek pottery, sketching their favourite as they went.

After this we went to visit Khun Boriluck at his studio. We were shown the machinery involved in the pottery making process and the children were given the opportunity to make a Greek style frieze and a clay bird relief.

After lunch, our final journey on the island was to Polamai School. After having been introduced to various Greek pottery styles throughout the morning they were ready to produce various pieces that illustrated their learning in a creative way. At the school the students threw pots on spinning wheels, were taught about Greek mythological animals and made clay creatures such as Pegasus, Chimera and Hydra, and finally, painted a plate with Greek scenes and meanders.

The students responded incredibly to this day and were so happy to take away their own Greek creations. They learnt a lot about Ancient Greek pottery, were introduced to the beautiful Mon style of pottery and were given many opportunities get creative.

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