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Bromsgrove Y6, Suphanburi

1-4 Novemeber,2016

                Life is normally pretty quiet around here, this is the picturesque resort I call home on the bank of the lazy Tha Chin River. I say this resort is my home, what I actually mean is, I chose to build my nest here, within swooping distance of the pool high in a tree. I am an Egret of exquisite taste you see, and I wish only the finest accommodation for myself. 

                So, Tuesday 1 November was like any other sleepy morning, I’d already been fishing down by the river and had just finished preening my feathers when three buses pulled up. My curiosity got the better of me and upon investigation I found a lively bunch of children from Bromsgrove International School. Perched upon the roof of the accommodation I watched this bunch eagerly tackle any challenging games the adults threw at them. There were ropes, balls, a parachute and all sorts of puzzling activities, they were working together with military-like precision to complete the games.  I was utterly impressed to say the least.


                After lunch I curiously watched as they performed some traditional Thai activities, the kind of things you’d hear older birds talk about down by the reed beds. The children even got down into the mud to search for delicious water chestnuts. I’d seen the farmers do this before, but I’d never seen anyone having so much fun in those fields!


                What an interesting week this was going to be. I decided to fly back over to the accommodation and wait for them to return from dinner. I spied on some of the adults, whilst I was waiting, they were discussing the week’s plans. What a fun-filled week they had planned. Visits to the aquarium, Wat Pa Lelai, Sam Chuk traditional market. I hadn’t been there since I was a chick! 

                I figured there and then that I’d give my wings a stretch that week. Following those vans all over Suphanburi, perching high above the students, just out of view, brushing up on Thai culture, history and sustainability issues. I even got the chance to visit my old friends from Bird College who live at the Buffalo Village. We had a blast watching the children work with those dozy old buffalos. Traipsing through the mud, laughing and having a great time. What a week, I can’t wait for next year!

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