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Bromsgrove Year 4 to Khao Yai

2 – 4  November 2016

              FoRest, was explored and enjoyed by all of year four students, teachers and barge staff with a local ranger on the second day.

                  Animals, Where spotted  throughout the trip. In the daytime as well as a night safari, where slow loris, porcupine and wild pigs were also seen.

                   Identifiying, tracks and signs, animals and vegetation was completed throughout the three day trip.

                 Nature, was explored everyday by the children, including forest, grassland and streams.

                  Friendships and bonds where created by all of the children.

         CanOpy, the forest canopy and other layers where explored and sung about.

          DeeR, were spotted every day of the trip on their hunt for food.

An AsianElephant was spotted 150m away from us all on the first day of the trip, whilst identifying tracks and signs. The children and staff felt very lucky to spot such a beautiful animal in the daytime.

   MacaqueS, watched over our food every meal, and even attempted to sleep in our quarters which amused the children.

                  Teamwork was used in all of the activities and games, especially during the rainforset walk where all children helped each other along the way.

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