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Brighton College Bangkok, Y4

30 November, 2016

Traidhos Barge Program is always happy to create a customised trip but we were puzzled at first  to be asked if we could lead a trip for a unit of work about Vikings! While we knew they were great travellers and invaders, Vikings never settled in Thailand! However, the Khmer people were settling in what is now Thailand at about the same time, making a day developing history skills and learning about the Khmer people a great opportunity for learning.

Kingdom of now-Cambodia

Hindu-Buddhist monastery

Myriad lateritic bricks

Excavated by slave-hands

Religious monuments thru-out SEA


Vessels by the Atlantic

Inhabitants of Scandinavia

Knarr for out merchant, Skeid for warfare

Invading and influencing into Europe

Norseman "men from the north"

Grave goods found in ship burials

Seafarers of all time

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