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Ruamrudee International School, G6 Khao Yai

12-14 December, 2016

Well there we were, Monday morning at Suratsawasdee, nice and quiet as usual and my brothers and sisters were searching for scraps of food on the floor. The deer were grazing the grass, the insects were buzzing and the gibbons were whooping way off in the forest.
A normal jungle day.

When all of a sudden, a huge line of vans roared into the camp, and out poured humans! Loads and loads of humans!! All running around laughing shouting and even taking pictures of me! How rude. They came in with their big bags (probably full of tasty food) and their cameras and their pillows and stuff and made themselves right at home. Within half an hour, our peaceful Suratsawasdee was crawling with them, and we swung off into the trees to escape.

But! We monkeys are quick learners, we’ve seen what happens when people come to our home, and sure enough, after about an hour, the humans sat down for their first meal. There was so much food! They had steaming hot rice, juicy pork and even my favourite; chicken legs. We hung around waiting for the bits that fall on the floor (they’re there for monkeys, right), but for some reason whenever we came near, the humans all started clapping at us. It was very confusing, but it’s always nice to get a round of applause just for being yourself so we decided we would stick around and keep the humans company.

Over the next three days we watched the humans playing their strange games, learning about something called the ‘environment’, whatever that is. They went on loads of walks, even though they’d brought perfectly good vans with them, so to keep their spirits up we followed them into the forest. They walked for ages! Down into deep shaded valleys, up steep rocky slopes and even over a cool mountain stream. One of them lost a sock in the water, so I fished it out and gave to my brother to wear as a hat.
The humans must have been pleased with us, because on the second evening they left a bag of snacks unwatched for a couple of minutes, which is basically an invitation, right!? Well we didn’t want to be rude and refuse free food, so we kindly ate it for them. They were so pleased with how much we’d eaten they tried to play a game of tag with us, but we monkeys are good at tag and avoided them easily. Why they were shouting so much and waving sticks will have to remain a mystery.

And that was pretty much that. They left early the next day, all smiling and still running about making noise. We sat in the trees and waved them off, but they didn’t see. Life is good as a macaque.

Thankyou RIS humans! See you next year smiley

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