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Regents Bangkok Y6

12-16 February, 2017

Regents Bangkok were up in Chiang Mai this week, exploring the local culture and traditions as well as exploring the waters around the high mountains of Doi Inthanon. We slept in a Karen village, chatting and eating with the villagers and exploring their steep valleys where we ate sweet, fresh picked strawberries. We stood on the roof of Thailand at the summit of Doi Inthanon, the country's highest mountain and breathed the thin, clean air at 8,400 feet. We wandered through pristine pine forests, stood in the spray of thundering
waterfalls and sieved through rocky streams for animal life.

Dropping down on to the lowlands again, we found time to shop around the vibrant markets of Chiang Mai city, haggling and bartering in the bustle and haste of Arnusarn. We teamed up with grunting buffalo to plough rice fields and learned how to harvest the crops they grow in the north. We even had a special communal meal, cooked by everyone for everyone to celebrate Valentines Day together and a Khantoke dinner show, complete with fire breathing and war drums.

A final bike ride around some local villages saw the end to a fantastic trip, and we were all sad to climb back on to the plane to Bangkok.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Regents are ace!
See you guys soon.

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