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2021 Trips

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Bromsgrove International School Y7, Y8, Y9

Bang Pu

15 March 2017

Last week we met Bromsgrove Years 7, 8 and 9 in Bang Pu for a fun filled day of mangrove exploration. 

We started the day with a walk around the boardwalks, beginning at the swampy, pneumatophore-filled habitat , favoured by mudskippers and worked our way down to the sea, where baby fish take their first swim out of this natural nursery into the big blue sea. 

After getting a feeling for this mangrove world, we went inland to a wetland bird hide hidden among the mangrove trees.  With our guide books and binoculars we were able to identify a plethora of birds the students had never seen before.  We thought about their physical adaptations and what the mangrove meant to them and came to the realization that we were not the only ones who needed the mangroves protection.

With our new found appreciation of everything mangrove-related, we set off back to the seafront, equipped with juvenile mangroves trees.  It was amazing to see the care and pride each student took in planting their trees, filled with hopes of returning in the near future to see a revived mangrove forest to which they had contributed.       

Another great day for us in Bang Pu!  We and the mangrove forests thank you Bromsgrove!!!

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