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Early Learning Centre, Y2

14 March 2017.

Water Exploration Lumpini Park

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Year 2, traveled to Lumpini Park for a one-day trip to explore water. The year two’s started with introductions of themselves to the barge staff through a name game and once all of the introductions had been made, we started our exploration of water. The first activity was using stream tables. This simulation showed the students how rivers were formed and how land steepness can impact a river and the land around it. Once this activity had been completed, we started our exploration of Lumpini Park looking for evidence of erosion. Along the way, students were very excited to spot a few monitor lizards which seemed quite happy for us to be exploring their home.

Students then expressed their artistic side by sketching evidence of where the lake had been flowing, causing erosion and exposing the tree roots. There were some great-annotated sketches one even featuring a water monitor lizard who was spotted once again swimming past us! Next up was exploring the water treatment system at Lumpini Park which is used to filter the lake by using plants. We talked about why this system is used and also the benefits to the water and animals which live in Lumpini Park too. After all of this exploration, the students enjoyed games which helped to explain the processes of erosion and natural earth materials all found in Lumpini Park. These included: Just Passing Through and Earth Materials Race. These activities created a lot of excitement and new topics were introduced to the students to help explain how water flows. Throughout the day students took photos on their school cameras, to collect evidence of erosion and water use. Before making the trip back to school, ELC students, teachers and the barge staff enjoyed a picnic lunch together.

Thank you for a great day and your enthusiasm ELC Year 2.

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