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2021 Trips

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Early Learning Centre Y4

31 January – 2 February 2017

Khao Yai

Recipe for successful forest detecting in Khao Yai National Park


16 excited students 5 hands-on teachers 3 enthusiastic Barge staff
3 knowledgeable Park Rangers   3 experienced van drivers
One bull elephant   One troop of hungry macaques
An amazing array of flora and fauna   One beautiful National Park






  1. Meet and great our excited group in their classroom and then pile into the vans waiting patiently outside school gates
  2. Drive smoothly to Khao Yai National Park and check-in to our forest accommodation whilst being serenaded by gibbons
  3. Walk the grassland hike looking out for and recording tracks, scats and signs of any visiting wildlife
  4. Return to our new home and bravely chase the troop of macaques away interested in our rations, with a little help from an even braver driver
  5. Play night games, listen to The Lorax, then plod off to bed and the land of nod
  6. Arise to a hearty breakfast and the excitement of wearing leech socks
  7. Hike with our Rangers, observing all the forest’s incredible plant adaptations and listening to all its calming sounds
  8. Visit Haew Sawat Waterfall to create beautiful poetry and a work of environmental art
  9. Dress up warmly to travel out into the depths of the park on a night safari; gaze at the stars, listen to the frogs, watch the deer, porcupines, a civet and an elephant going about their business
  10. Race off to bed and to dreams of gibbons swinging through the canopy
  11. Visit the Visitors Centre and go on the last hike: the students sharing with each other everything they have learnt
  12. Jump back into the vans and head back to school and the arms of loved ones


Rainforest Song at our forest home


Creating poetry at Haew Sawat Waterfall


Exploring Big Tree on the rainforest hike

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