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International School Bangkok (ISB) G5

16 – 18, 18 – 20 January 2017


Working with the Barge program ISB G5 students set out to explore and understand the biodiversity of mangroves and the marine environment at Chanthaburi.

Visiting Kung Krabane aquarium we investigated the different adaptations shown by the various species displayed and discussed how they help the animals survive.

A visit to the Royal Projects Marine Research and Demonstration Station gave students the chance to have a closer look at some of the larger marine species such as bull shark and green turtles.

Speaking to one of the station’s researchers, students found out how they are working with the local fisherman to protect the marine creatures in the area.

Students were invited to consider the impact of pollution on the marine environment and to learn how we may decrease our impact.

Here the group are being shown crab hatchlings. Pregnant crabs are donated to the station by local fisherman and once the eggs have been harvested, the adult crabs are returned to the fisherman to sell. The eggs are raised until the hatchlings are 8 days old and then released by the researchers at the station.

After walking the mangrove boardwalks and learning about the various adaptations that make mangroves such a unique environment, the students were ready to get a different view and were excited to go kayaking

Carefully loading up and getting ready to go- left, right , left, right, left, right……..

And they’re off!  An excellent opportunity to practise their teamwork and communication skills

A fantastic view of the mangrove habitats with many spottings of egrets, mangrove crabs and mudskippers along the way.

Despite the warm weather and busy program, all of the students worked hard to complete all the activities and came away with a greater understanding of the mangrove and marine environemtns they had explored.

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