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ISB Girl Scouts Barge Trip

18 -19  March, 2017


The weekend had finally arrived where ISB Girl Scouts climbed upon our barge to explore nature, flowers, trees and water. After reaching the barge and all safety facilities and name games had been addressed the girls threw themselves into the first activities of the day river observations and watershed puzzle. Already knowing a lot about nature and how to protect it, the girls came up with some fantastic environmentally friendly ways they would spend their “20,00000” baht. They addressed ways in which they would be able to build and create fantastic environmentally friendly resorts and even donate some of their hypothetical money to charity very impressive!. These activities helped the girls reach their 2nd step to the Animal Habitats skills badge.

Throughout the two day trip the girls really got stuck in especially when it came to barge crews. These crews saw the girls cooking, which also allowed them to think about the ingredients they were using:  where they come from and how they grow. Another part of the barge crews involved the girls cleaning the barge's upper deck area ready for all of the tasty meals to be served. The final barge crews saw the girls use their creative skills, by making potpourri from flowers which had been dried and adding salts and scents to preserve the smells. Great work girls!. We also created flowers from recycled paper on the second day, after talking about the 3Rs and waste control, the girls brought lots of recycled paper with them to create these beautiful flowers using the method of origami, creating some really artistic flowers in all different shapes and sizes. This helped the girls towards gaining their Flower skills badge.






Lots more activities were completed over the two days, an investigation into water hyacinth, which saw the girls classify the macro-invertebrates they found (Animal Habitats step 2). A litter pick was carried out at Piyawan Resort where the barge docked overnight all helping the girls gain their animal habitats badge. Dragonfly pond also saw the girls have a great debate about how to build on a hypothetical plot of land from different business perspectives, everyone got involved and some great points of view were expressed. Teamwork work and solidarity was also seen throughout the whole trip, impressing all of the scout leaders and barge program staff, especially during a game of stepping stones.

The final day saw the girls explore the habitats of the island Ko Kret. We investigated all of the flowers and trees found within the local school on the island, thinking about their uses, adaptations and how they can provide homes to animals. Helping the girls once again gain their Trees and Flowers skills badges. Thank you for all of your hard work it was a blast and see you again soon!

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