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Singapore International School Bangkok

3 March, 2017

Bang Pu- 03/03/17

M-  Masters of mangroves for a day became SISB Primary 6 

A-  Animals and plants found nowhere else, were the specialty of the day

N-  Navigating the swamps on boardwalks and observing wildlife in bird hides

G-  Gazing at the beautiful birdlife that blesses the mangroves.  Herons and storks in their dozens,    and

R-  Racing egrets, fighting for their dinner.

O- Other games helped students understand the importance of this ecosystem in a way they could connect with in their everyday lives.

V-  Very thankful were the students at the end of this trip,

E- Educated and enthusiastic is how we parted.

S-  SISB left with the mangroves in their hearts and with every intention of showing their friends and families around their newly discovered, magical ecosystem. 

Thank you SISB for another magical mangrove day!!!

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