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Sirindhorn School Surin, M2

12-14 March 2017

Samae San

Last week we met M2 students from Sirindhorn English Program, Surin on the military base at Sattahip. The children were so excited for a few days of sun, sea and English. Little did they realize that by the end of the week their eyes would be opened to the threats to these beautiful areas, the amazing conservation work taking place and the way they could impact its future.

On the first day we took a tour of the naval base. The students were very interested to hear from the soldiers about their day to day work at Sattahip and the surrounding islands; promoting turtle breeding, rescuing injured individuals and releasing baby turtles into the sea ready to start their life in the big blue. It was a beautiful moment to see their eyes glow looking at the turtles of varying ages, but the tiny new-born babies definitely caught their hearts the most!

On the second day we jetted off to Ko Samae San for a fun-filled day of snorkeling and adventuring the mangroves. We were so excited to find Dory, Nemo and all of their beautiful coral-loving friends, and we were blown away to see the cleanliness of the beach, the extent of the mangrove rehabilitation and the healthiness of the coral, which had experienced quite a beating in the last summer. After a long and very sunny day, we returned to the naval base on the mainland to play some games recapping our time on the island, then headed off to the bunks for a well-deserved sleep.

Before we parted ways on the Tuesday we had just enough time to check out the freshly-renovated museum at Sattahip Pier. The new displays are beautiful and very interactive, and the children were happy to cram a few more fun facts into their brains to take back to their friends and family.

Thank you Sirindhorn for a fun few days by the sea! We really appreciated your lovely inquisitive minds and your freshly re-enforced views on sustainability and this big old home we call planet Earth. See you next time!

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