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Regents International School Pattaya Year 5

15 – 27 May 2017

History of Ayutthaya

B arge crews saw all of the students complete the daily tasks, needed to live together upon our barge, Cleaning, cooking, navigation and games.

A rt was created by the Students at the temples, Wat Phra Sri Sampet and Wat Chai Wattanaram. In the form of pencil sketching and some beautiful water colour Paintings.

R iver swimming was enjoyed in the Chao Phraya by all of those that could, including the teachers who all gave it a go. Students enjoyed jumping into the cold river in the hot Ayutthayan sun.

G old was explored in the Ayutthaya’s gold museum, students were able to see real gold artifacts which had not been stolen by the Burmese, which had been carefully extracted from the temples.

F Our trips over all where completed on our barge by the year 5s from Pattaya, all students had a fantastic time and learnt a lot about Ayutthaya, they especially enjoyed buzzing around in tuk tuks from one activity to the next.

United as a team, the students from Pattaya got involved in plenty of team building exercises. Such as 1 barge 2 barge blue barge black barge, and creating historical role plays to perform to everyone from information found in Ayutthaya’s Historical Study Centre.

Until N ext time Regents Pattaya J , thank you for two amazing weeks full of fun and enthusiasm.

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